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June 2020 Prayer Focus

Your prayer at this time is vital, as June is the most important month on Christianityworks’ calendar in raising support to reach the lost and the hurting with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

That’s right. Traditionally, in June friends like you give around 35% of the annual support needed to proclaim Christ to the nations throughout the year. But the most important part of seeing God provide for the needs of the ministry through His saints, is our prayer, amen?!

So please join us in praying this month as the Together We Can Appeal approaches the 30th June deadline, to raise the support needed to keep on reaching millions of people each week around the globe, with the stunningly Good News of Jesus.

      • Pray for the many friends of Christianityworks who will consider giving towards the Together We Can Appeal throughout June. Ask that the Lord will move them in a spirit of generosity to help reach the Appeal target by the 30th of June so that together, we can reach countless more people with the Good News of Jesus. 
      • Pray especially for those doing it tough as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ask that those who have lost loved ones would experience the Lord’s comforting arms around them. And pray for those struggling as a result of the economic fallout – may they know the Lord’s peace and provision.
      • Pray for the faithful translators across the globe who translate and contextualise the Christianityworks Bible teaching messages into so many languages. Ask that the Lord will inspire them to find the right words to allow the Spirit to speak the powerful truth of the Gospel of Christ to countless people in their mother tongue.
      • Pray earnestly for the Board and leadership of Christianityworks as this month, they consider options and set priorities for the ministry’s new financial year that lies ahead from 1 July. Ask that the Lord will give them the mind of Christ in implementing His plans, not the thoughts of man.   
      • Pray for the powerful new projects currently in the pipeline including the multi-lingual Fresh Devotional App, Christianityworks’ community prayer ministry, a possible new African women’s program and translations into French and several Indian languages. Ask the Lord for His wisdom, His provision and His mighty hand upon them, so that they will not only be completed … but have a powerful impact in the lives of many more people.
      • Give thanks for the many volunteers without whom the ministry of Christianityworks simply wouldn’t be viable. From those who come faithfully each month to fold letters and “stuff envelopes”, to the translators who give freely of their time, to the volunteer proof readers and the many others. Ask the Lord to bless them mightily as they contribute to seeing lives transformed for His glory!
      • Pray for a major breakthrough in South Africa – where the Christianityworks team is negotiating with one of the largest Zulu speaking, national radio networks to broadcast the daily Fresh Devotional messages in that language. Zulu is the most spoken language in South Africa and many of these people live in extremely difficult circumstances. Let’s believe in God for a real breakthrough here to reach them with the powerfully Good News of Jesus!

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Your Prayer Makes Such an Incredible Difference!


God has done some amazing things in and through the ministry of Christianityworks. Talk about fishes and loaves!

We constantly feel like that little boy who gave up his small amount of food for Jesus to bless and multiply and feed the thousands with. That’s what Christianityworks is like. Small, nimble – totally inadequate in and of ourselves for the task.

And we serve this mighty God who does amazing things. Countless times over the last 60 years, it looked as though the ministry would fall over for one reason or another. And here we are, still being used of God to feed the millions with the Bread of Life … the Word of God!

What do you put that down to? Simple. Prayer.

The enemy comes against us time and time again – he doesn’t want the good news preached to the nations. That’s why your prayer is so important. Thank you so much for praying with us! We know that together, we will see a mighty harvest.